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It's such a relief to work with a dramaturg who doesn't look at my play as something that needs to be "fixed." In the past, interactions with dramaturgs, artistic directors, and critics have sometimes felt like this - "Hey, let's get down to the hardware store and buy the stuff we need to fix your play. Because - you know - it's broken."
  —Toni Press-Coffman,

I love my dramaturg because... she pushes me to find myself—and not just my characters—in my process; because she urges me to write what's happening off-stage so that I understand my own plot; and because, through her, I learnt about my professional ancestors, like Lessing, and have come to see myself in a long parade rather than as a lonely writer who's knocking on doors.
  —Matthew Ivan Bennett,

I love my dramaturg because it is like going to the play therapist, except the couch is my couch and I get to wear my pajamas. And we can discuss issues and arcs and intentions via phone, skype and email with the same kind of urgency as if they were real circumstances. So while I moan and wring my hands about character motivations and plot devices, she treats them with the same consideration she would (and does) any personal issue. She understands plays are family.
  —Ellen Struve, playwright


Upcoming Events:

       July 7-23, 2017
       Abortion Road Trip by Rachel Lynett
       Theatre Prometheus, directed by Tracey Erbacher

       July 14-22, 2017
       Wendy Unwritten by Kat Ramsburg
       Acadiana Repertory Theatre in Lafayette, LA, directed by Gabe Ortego

       September 7-October 1, 2017
       Aglaonike's Tiger by Claudia Barnett
       Venus Theatre Company in Laurel, MD, directed by Deborah Randall

Recent Events:

       May, 2017
       La Llorona by Cecelia Raker, World Premiere
       Fresh Ink Theatre Company, Boston

       February 3-March 12, 2017
       Two Degrees by Tira Palmquist, World Premiere
       Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Company

       January 13-22, 2017
       Domestic Animals by Jennifer Faletto
       Perlberg Studio Theatre at Palm Beach Dramaworks, West Palm Beach, FL

       January 11, 2017
       Frelmetsch the Maneater by Matthew Capodicasa
       Primary Stages, directed by Sarah Krohn

       November 17-December 18, 2016
       The Consul, The Tramp, and America's Sweetheart by John Morogiello
       Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills
       From 17 November through 18 December, Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills presented the West Coast
       Premiere of The Consul, The Tramp, and America's Sweetheart.

       November 4-19, 2016
       dark is a different beast by Andrea Hart
       Premiere at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco, CA, as part of the 6NewPlay Collective's series.

       October 14, 2016
       "Developing Development: Examining the Principles and Practices of New Play Development
       and New Play Festivals"
       with Tira Palmquist, Christy Montour-Larson, Jeni Mahoney, and Heather Helinsky
       Breakout Session at Statera Conference

       October 12-16, 2016
       Aglaonike's Tiger by Claudia Barnett
       University of Pittsburgh's Studio Theatre, directed by Shelby Brewster

       September 2-18, 2016
       The Consul, the Tramp, and America's Sweetheart by John Morogiello
       World Premiere at Oldcastle Theatre Company in Bennington, VT

       July 2016
       Aglaonike's Tiger by Claudia Barnett
       5th Wall Productions, Staged reading

       June 16, 2016
       Oslo by JT Rogers
       Lincoln Center Theater, directed by Bartlett Sher
       Originally developed at PlayPenn in July 2015

       May 28-June 4, 2016
       Great Plains Theatre Conference

       May 20-28, 2016
       Anatomy of a Hug by Kat Ramsburg
       A Developmental Production at Acadiana Repertory Theatre
       Kat Ramsburg is a Great Plains Theatre Conference 2015 alumni

       May 24, 2016
       The Ermine by Daniel Sauermilch
       Scenic Presentation at English Theatre Berlin

       April 15-May 21, 2016
       Currency by Jennie Webb
       World Premiere at Inkwell Theatre in LA

       March 25-May 1, 2016
       Kill Floor by Abe Koogler
       American Theatre Company, Chicago regional premiere
       Abe Koogler is a Great Plains Theatre Conference 2013 alumni

       April 11-16, 2016
       Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Nationals
       Heather Helinsky will be working with the students in the dramaturgy intensive under
       Mark Bly and Gregg Henry's leadership.

       March 9-27, 2016
       Molly's Hammer by Tammy Ryan
       World premiere at The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Seth Gordon, director.

       March 23, 2016
       Crazy Bitch by Jennie Webb
       A reading at the Ensemble Studio Theatre of Los Angeles

       November 12, 2015
       Die, Mr. Darcy, Die! by John Morogiello
       Dramatists Guild Baltimore Footlights Reading Series
       University of Baltimore

       November 9, 2015
       The Consul, The Tramp, and America's Sweetheart by John Morogiello
       A reading at Luna Stage in West Orange, NJ directed by Nancy Robillard

       November 9, 2015
       Two Degrees by Tira Palmquist
       Greenhouse Project reading presented by Workhouse Theatre Company
       Minneapolis, MN, directed by Emma Phelps.

       November 6, 2015
       Dramaturgy Workshop, Guest Speaker
       Brooklyn College Theatre Department

       October 23-25, 2015
       Domestic Animals by Jennifer Faletto
       Panndora's Box 9th Annual Festival of New Works, Long Beach, CA

       October 8-18, 2015
       Trish Tinkler Gets Saved by Jacqueline Goldfinger
       Unexpected Stage Company, Silver Spring, MD
       a part of DC Women's Voices Theatre Festival, #WVFEST
       More information

       August 20-September 20, 2015
       Witches Vanish by Claudia Barnett
       Venus Theatre Company, Laurel, MD
       a part of DC Women's Voices Theatre Festival, #WVFEST
       More information

       July 30, 2015
       I Remember. . . Working as a Woman in Dramaturgy
       Description: This roundtable session gathers practicing female dramaturgs and instructors of dramaturgy
       to share their experiences as women working in the field of dramaturgy.
       Session Coordinator: William Palmer, University of Missouri
       Moderator: Laura Farrell-Wortman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
       Presenters: Anne Fletcher, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Martine Kei Green-Rogers,
       University of Utah, Heather Helinsky, Freelance Dramaturg, Kae Koger, University of Oklahoma,
       Karen Jean Martinson, Chicago State University, Jules Odendahl-James, Manbites Dog Theater;
       Ladies of the Triangle Theater, Magda Romanska, Emerson College, Janine Sobeck,
       Brigham Young University

       July 29, 2015
       Dramaturging Montreal: Embracing issues of country, isolation, and assimilation to inspire
       playwriting and curriculum reform
       PACT Pre-Conference Event
       Association for Theatre in Higher Education
       Montreal, Canada
       More information

       July 20, 2015
       r/LYPSE: a subreddit of our dark lips and heart by Brian Grace-Duff
       Directed by Becky Wright, Paul Meshejian, Artistic Director
       PlayPenn, Philadelphia, PA

       July 15 & 25, 2015
       Oslo by JT Rogers
       Directed by Tyne Rafaeli, Paul Meshejian, Artistic Director
       PlayPenn, Philadelphia, PA

       July 11-25, 2015
       Domestic Animals by Jennifer Faletto
       Linda Lombardi, director
       Capital Fringe Festival, Washington, D.C.

       June 21, 2015
       "Dramaturging Place" a workshop for Lesley University's Stage & Screen Creative Writing MFA program,
       Guest Instructor
       Cambridge, MA

       May 23-30, 2015
       Great Plains Theatre Conference, Conference Dramaturg
       Developing new plays by Darcy Bruce, J. Joseph Cox, Sarah DeLappe, Lindsey Ferrentino,
       Ashlin Halfnight, David Hilder, Bella Poynton, Kat Ramsburg, Matthew Wells, and Josh Wilder
       Omaha, Nebraska

       April 25, 2015
       Aglaonike's Tiger by Claudia Barnett
       Staged reading at the Carver Theatre in Birmingham, AL, Bree Windham, dir.

       March 20-April 5, 2015
       We'll Never Get to Moscow by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill
       Athena Project Festival Plays-in-Progress Series, Aurora, CO

       March 5-15, 2015
       A/Version of Events a world premiere by Matthew Ivan Bennett
       Plan B Theatre, Salt Lake City, UT

       January 19, 2015
       Mr Wheelers by Robert Zellers
       Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey

       November 23, 2014 at 3 pm
       In Loco Parentis by Adam Kraar
       A reading for Boomerang Theatre Company's First Flight Festival, NYC
       ART/NY 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor. Email for reservations

       November 3, 2014
       Safekeeping by Rob Zellers
       A reading directed by Adam Sanders at The Accessible Theatre in Central Square, Cambridge, MA

       October 27, 2014
       Currency by Jennie Webb
       A reading directed by Jen Bloom at The Road Theatre Company, North Hollywood, CA

       October 20, 2014
       Prince Max's Trewly Awful Trip to the Desolat Interior by Ellen Struve
       A workshop and staged reading directed by Kevin Lawler at the Omaha Community Playhouse

       September 15 & 22, 2014
       Trish Tinkler Gets Saved by Jacqueline Goldfinger
       A workshop process directed by Jennifer Childs at 1812 Productions in South Philly

       June 12, 2014
       Play Date by John Morogiello
       Abingdon Theatre Company, NYC First Reading Series

       May 24-31, 2014
       Dramaturg, Great Plains Theatre Conference, PlayLabs 2014

       May 12, 2014
       Molly's Hammer by Tammy Ryan
       An adaptation of Hammer of Justice: Molly Rush and the Plowshares 8 by Liane Norman.
       Reading at Bricolage Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA as part of a Creative Development grant

       May 3, 2014
       The Way of Water by Caridad Svich, is the winner of The Columbia Greene Playwright Project 2014.
       Reading at Columbia Greene Community College in Hudson, NY, directed by Stewart J. Zully.
       The project seeks to address the theme "H-2-uh-0; The World's Water. . . Filtering Out The Dirt"

       March 22, 2014
       30/30 Philadelphia Theatre Community Teams Up with NoPassport
       Plays and Players Theatre, Daniel Student Artistic Director
       Participating on play selection committee

       February 7-8, 2014
       In a Smoke-Filled Room, Color Matters by Kwakiutl Dreher
       Haymarket Theatre, Lincoln, Nebraska

       November 15-17, 2013
       Digging into Lubbock: The Dirt on New Play Dramaturgy Workshop
       at Texas Tech, including a 24-hour playwriting challenge with a reading of new plays

       July 29, 2013
       Emily Chadick-Weiss's Good Dancer at the Lark
       An Apothetae commissioned play

       July 9-13, 2013
       Waiting for a Chinook directed by Leigh Selting

       June 13-29, 2013
       Clay McCleod Chapman's The Penalty at Dixon Place
       details | review

       May 30, 2013
       Constance Congdon's Take Me to the River at Great Plains Theatre Conference
       Directed by Cindy Phaneuf

       May 16, 2013
       Rob Zeller's Mr. Wheelers at the Lark
       Margarett Perry, artistic advisor

       May 6, 2013
       Matthew Ivan Bennett's The Cause workshopped at Carnegie Mellon
       Cast: Cameron Knight, Bernard Balbot, Jonathan Vissar, and Alexis Floyd
       CMU student dramaturgs: Alesia Etinoff, Kelsey Clare Hagan

       March 20, 2013
       Clay McLeod Chapman's The Penalty at the Lark
       Based on the novel "The Penalty" by Gouverneur Morris, and its film adaptation, starring Lon Chaney,
       written by Charles Kenyon and directed by Wallace Worsley.

       January 26, 2013
       The Pittsburgh PACT at Bricolage in alliance with NoPassport directed a reading of The Wake by
       Caridad Svich with two students from Carnegie Mellon's School of Drama and two Point Park students.
       Pittsburgh Post-Gazette coverage


       December 4, 2012
       Rob Zellers' Ed workshopped at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama
       Directed by Larry John Meyers

       September 1, 2012
       11th Annual Page-to-Stage Festival at the Kennedy Center
       4-5:30 p.m. The Apothetae in Association with the Kennedy Center

       Four new plays in development: Good Dancer by Emily Chadick Weiss, Downsizing Camus by
       Todd Bauer, The Hephaestus Project by Ashlin Halfnight, and The Penalty by Clay McLeod
       Chapman, based on the novel "The Penalty" by Gouverneur Morris, and its film adaptation by
       Charles Kenyon.

       The Apothetae is a company dedicated to the production of new plays about the "Disabled Experience."
       The company focuses on newly commissioned works by both established and up-and-coming
       playwrights and plays that already exist in the theatrical canon featuring characters with disabilities or
       dealing with disabled themes: Oedipus, Richard III, John Merrick (the Elephant Man), etc. By making
       visible the human impact of disabled people throughout history, empathy is engaged, perceptions
       changed, and new communities forged through the collaborative and transformative power of the
       artistic process. Recommended for mature audiences. Sat. at 4 p.m.


       July 27, 2012
       Daniel Sauermilch's The Igloo Settlement at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC
       Directed by Barclay Goldsmith, artistic director at Borderlands Theatre

       May 1, 2012
       Guest Lecturer in Kae Kroger's Dramaturgy class at Oklahoma University

       April 7, 2012
       Caridad Svich's Guapa at the Austin Latino New Play Festival

       "I wanted to write something that was aspirational, something about a family that was happy and
       functioning. There are lots of plays that deal with the violence in or victimization of the
       Latino community and that have female roles that aren't necessarily as full as they might be.
       It's a bit more rare to see characters who are striving." ---playwright Caridad Svich

       April 4, 2012
       University of West Georgia Department of Theatre
       Guest lecturer at Theatre Special Topics class

       February 16, 2012
       Caridad Svich's The Way of Water at The Lark
       Director Jose Zayas
       The Way of Water is a play that pits the BP oil spill next to the lives of those affected by it. It's a story about
       four people making do as best they can, living their lives, and just trying to stay afloat in the land of many
       compromised dreams. It's a play about rumors and truth, what is said and what gets written, about the quest
       for an honorable life, poverty in America, and the riddles fate plays on human will.

       December 12, 2011
       Caridad Svich's Guapa at Gramercy Arts Theatre
       Directed by Jose Zayas
       In a small Texas town, caught in the long history of class struggle & racism, live Roly, a single mother,
       and her makeshift family. Taken in by the family is a young woman named simply Guapa (Beautiful), who
       dreams of playing women's soccer. This is a story about a working class community trying to make ends
       meet with magical dreams of sports, graffiti, birds in flight, indigenous history, trauma, recovery,
       and the viable possibilities of a better life.
       For more info on Guapa see interview with the author here.

       October 24, 2011
       Matthew Ivan Bennett's A Night with the Family at Salt Lake Acting Company
       Director Mark Fossen

       September 13, 2011
       Caridad Svich's Guapa at The Lark
       Director Jose Zayas

       May 31, 2011
       Ellen Struve's Recommended Reading for Girls at Great Plains Theatre Conference

       March 31, 2011
       Rob Zellers The Happiness They Seek at The Lark Play Development Center, NYC
       Artistic Advisor Margarett Perry

       March 4, 2011
       Joe and Andrew Doss Earnest in Austin, TX

       October 19, 2009
       Thomas Gibbons Silverhill at Philadelphia Theatre Company
       Director Rick Corley